Southern Boobook
Southern Boobook
Southern Boobook
Southern Boobook
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Southern Boobook

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Specifically designed to accommodate the Southern Boobook.  This nest box comes with the option of a front landing perch. It may depend on the size of your owls looking to use it. The presence of other "free loaders" or non owl type creatures looking to use this nesting box may also play a part of whether or not you choose to use the front landing perch. 

Features include:

-Easy to assemble by anyone, requiring only a #2 Phillips head screw driver

-Top quality AA grade marine ply

-Maintenance free design (no replacing rusted hinges or repainting required)

-Clever technology used to produce strong design

-$5 from every box donated to Bird Life Australia, ensuring that continuing conservation is sustained

-50c per box donated to our charity of the month 

-All boxes are available to be purchased on our "buy a nest box" program 

-Multiple mounting options

-Long lasting design

-Large easy to see ID tracking number free with every nest box

-Every box comes with a unique serial number

-Complete inventory of spare parts for all boxes

-Inbuilt ladder design inside and out to facilitate climbing without wire for birds to get caught in or rust. 

-Innovative accessories continually being developed to solve common problems with nest boxes