Q.What tools do I need to assemble the box?

A. All you need is a number 2 Phillips head screw driver (standard cross point)


Q. Do I need anything else to assemble the nest box?

A. No everything is supplied in the box apart from the screwdriver. 


Q. How long will my box last?

A. It depends on the conditions that the nest box is subjected to. We would expect that this box should give good service for 10 to 15 years. 


Q. Do I need to glue the box together?

A. No. Most people feel better about gluing it together as this is what has been done for so long its become a force of habit. If you do glue the nest box together remember that it will mean that only the lid will be able to be replaced.


Q. Your boxes seem expensive. Why are there lots of other cheaper boxes out there?

A. As the saying goes "you get what you pay for" yes there are lots of other nest boxes out there cheaper. Our boxes are made to last for an extended period, be maintenance free and have many features that other nest boxes do not. If you have the skills, time, equipment and require some of the features we offer then we suggest you do a little research and make your own. 


Q. Do I need to put anything in the box for the birds?

A. It is recommended by most bird experts to put a hand full of bark chips in the box once installed. 


Q. Can I buy my box pre-assembled? 

A. Our boxes are so easy to put together anyone should be able to do it (no special skills required) we do not generally offer shipping on assembled boxes, however if you do require this then please contact us and we will definitely help you out. 


Q. Do you offer a bulk discount?

A. Yes if you are looking to purchase multiple boxes then please get in touch. We would love to chat to you about your project. 


Q. Are the Nest boxes in your store the only ones you make?

A. The nest boxes listed in our store are the only boxes that we have gone through a full design process with. We are adding new designs all the time. If you have a particular nest box you are looking for then please get in touch, we may well have started designing this box or have it in our design pipe line.