About our Nest Boxes

Let us tell you a little bit about our boxes. 



We use some of the best quality AA-A marine grade plywood. This means they will not rot or fall apart anytime soon.


Our design:

By using a finger joint system with slots and groves this gives our boxes greater strength and makes sure they go together with ease. 


 Easy assembly:

By making the box simple to put together with the finger joint system and pre - drilled holes anyone with a #2 Phillips head screwdriver can put one together. No special tools or skills required. 


No glue required:

Our boxes don't require glue for strength to hold them together. Due to our refined finger joint system our nest boxes are very strong without glue. We suggest you do not glue them together in case you ever require spare parts or want to flat pack them back up and move them to another location. The boxes are quite weather resistant without glue and the more glue in a box the more off putting it can be for birds to use as a nesting box. 

If you do want to glue your box together, then go for it.


Box identification:

When ordering your box we can add identification to your box. This is great for conservation groups or anyone with multiple nest boxes. This makes documentation much easier to manage. 


Every box has a unique serial number:

Every box we make has a unique serial number. We record this in our data base so we know exactly what box you have. If you ever need spare parts for your box we can give you the correct parts. This is important as we are always looking for ways to improve and upgrade our designs as we go along. This number is installed in the bottom of the box so can be seen from below the box when mounted in a tree. It can also easily be removed if you decide to paint your box or if you would prefer to keep it on a key tag separate from the box. 


Inbuilt climbing ladders inside and out for those species that require it. 


No additional wire for birds to get caught in or to rust out in the weather.


Drainage holes in the bottom of the box:

This lets any moisture drain away. This also allows the birds to clear away any mess during nesting. 


Maintenance free:

Our boxes are designed to be maintenance free and long lasting. With no moving parts, metal parts or paint this box can be installed in a tree without the worry of repainting or replacing rusted metal parts. 


Spare parts:

As our boxes are manufactured we keep files of all of our designs and can remake any part of your box and it will fit just like the original one. If for some reason your nest box requires a new part we can send you a new one. 


Optional accessories:

We have a range of optional accessories for our boxes to suit many different requirements. Check out our box accessories page to see what is available. Note that accessories are not required as part of a standard install, they have been designed to over come certain issues you may see with some boxes in specific situations.


Want a box you don't see?  Contact us and let us know. We are adding next box designs all the time. We will work on the most requested boxes first.